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Live Smart was founded in 2006 with a vision to help others in a truly natural and holistic way. We see success in the faces of our clients everyday, Our goal is for YOU to reach optimum quality of life through nutrition, we find that our clients are more successful in their quest to health because they are given our full support.

Using Live blood analysis as our ‘tool’ we build your body up to its optimum, you will find that with some people the transformation is quick but with others it takes more time.
“Most people today are walking around with over 20 years of damage caused to their bodies through lack of proper diet and lack of the necessary nutrition for the body to function at optimum.”
Unfortunately the majority of people today are not really aware of what their bodies are taking in, our goal is to educate people so that they can differentiate between the ‘healthy’ foods and the generally healthy foods.

Dr. Kathryn L. Olson

Today’s broader definition of health goes beyond the absence of disease or injury to include vitality – a zest for living’.


Our aim  is to achieve optimum health, using a holistic approach. Our clients are treated with the highest integrity, confidentiality and compassion at all times. We will journey with each individual along their path towards optimal health and therefore an enhanced quality of life.

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My name is Richard and I have been suffering with chronic Palmar, plantar, pustular psoriasis for over a year. I went and saw a skin specialist who prescribed expensive medication and UVB and UVA light treatment with creams that did not work. I then went and had an appointment with live smart, where my blood was checked. Live Smart then said I must go on a detox and gave me creams and health tablets. This combination worked and my psoriasis showed a massive improvement. I`m still having problems but my thanks go to Live Smart who are always happy to assist me with my psoriasis.

Richard Rhodes

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