Debra Mcreedy

Specialised Kinesiology

Debi (as she is foundly known) is a bubbly, positive, energetic and highly motivated individual who just loves a challenge and outdoor adventuring. She also loves to spend quiet time at home with Max and Sasha, her gorgeous German Shepherds, cook a delicious meal for friends, or hang out with her family.

She started in the wellness industry 16 years ago, living in East Africa and moving through various countries in Africa, where she has learned important life lessons and skills that she could never have learnt anywhere else. Lessons that have moulded her into the great healer she is today.

Through Kinesiology, she says “I have most definitely found my purpose in life, or maybe it found me?” “I really do love what I do and truly do feel grateful and privileged to have been blessed with a talent for this extraordinary therapy.”

“Kinesiology changed my life in the most magical ways, I am quite sure it can change yours too!”


The day I walked into Debra’s office is a day I will never forget. I am still overwhelmed by the fact that it only took 3 sessions to change my life! I walked into Debra’s office with the world on my shoulders and my past pulling me down. I am now free and finally at peace. What Debra has taught me through the work of kinisiogy is that we all deserve to be incredibly happy and free from all worry, anxiety and limitations we create. After 3 sessions I have come to love and cherish myself in a way I did not think was possible. I am now confident and so optimistic for the future! Debra has helped me release all the negative energy that I have built up and now I have so much more room for positive, beautiful experiences. Words cannot describe my gratitude to Debra and the work of kinesiology! There is a way up and you too can feel this vibrant change!

Jessica Stoppel

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